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Undersized Samples

Undersized Samples

Radiocarbon dating is a necessarily destructive process.  DirectAMS has established minimum mass requirements for each sample type to ensure that a reserve of material will be available in the event that sample material is destroyed during chemical pretreatment, or if an AMS measurement fails to yield reproducible data.  Undersized samples afford only a single opportunity to process material, therefore DirectAMS cannot guarantee a date.  DirectAMS will notify the Submitter of all small mass sample submissions to obtain approval for processing.  If approved, a processing fee of $100 will be assessed if sample processing fails to yield sufficient material for AMS measurement. The full cost of analysis will be assessed if AMS measurement of the sample fails.  DirectAMS absorbs the cost of reprocessing failed samples.

Type Minimum Mass (dry) Preferred Mass (dry)
Graphite 0.2 mg >1.5 mg
Pretreated Charcoal 5 mg >15 mg
Charcoal 10 mg >20 mg
PT Organics 10 mg >20 mg
PT Carbonates 12 mg >20 mg
Organics 20 mg >40 mg
Carbonates 20 mg >40 mg
Cellulose Extraction 40 mg >80 mg
Sediment 2 g 20-50 g
Bone (Calcined, Charred) 1 g 5-10 g
Bone (Collagen, Amino Acid) 2 g 5-10 g