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Service Policies

DirectAMS Service Policies

Pricing and Processing

Based on the material submitted, a quoted price per sample was assigned with the tentative total cost for the submission.  Details about our service options and pricing can be found within the pages of +Sample Types and +Pricing from the main menu.

DirectAMS processes sample material according to standard operating procedures shown through internal testing and/or published reports to yield reliable data for a given sample type.  Upon assessment of the sample material, DirectAMS scientists may reassign a sample to a different type that more closely matches the characteristics of the sample.  This may result in higher or lower processing fees.   DirectAMS will immediately notify the Submitter for approval to amend the requested service.

Express Processing 

DirectAMS Express Service provides a guarantee of 15- business-day (bone) or 10-business-day (all other sample types) results delivery.  Express Service samples enter the processing and measurement queue in order to meet this obligation.  Such submissions remain a priority. If DirectAMS is unable to deliver results by the guaranteed date, data will be reported as soon as available and the submission cost will revert to the Standard Service Fee.

Sample Returns

Original submitted material may be returned following completion of analysis. All return shipping prices are estimated at the time of submission receipt and are added to the final invoice. Domestic shipments under 2lbs have a minimum $15.00 fee. Additional fees may apply. Please contact us for details regarding international returns.

 Undersized Samples

Radiocarbon dating is a necessarily destructive process.  DirectAMS established recommended minimum submission sizes for each sample type to assure that a reserve of material will be available in the unlikely event that sample material is destroyed during chemical pretreatment, or if an AMS measurement fails to yield reproducible data.  DirectAMS absorbs the cost of reprocessing failed samples.  Undersized samples afford only a single opportunity to process material, therefore DirectAMS cannot guarantee a date.  DirectAMS will notify the Submitter of all small mass sample submissions to obtain approval for processing.  If approved, a processing fee of $100 will be assessed sample processing fails to yield sufficient material for AMS measurement. The full cost of analysis will be assessed if AMS measurement of the sample fails


Bone is a highly complex matrix of mineral and organic material that has unpredictable collagen preservation, and as such does not qualify for our “No Date, No Charge” policy. A processing fee of $150 will be assessed if the collagen extraction fails to yield sufficient material for AMS measurement.  If the extracted collagen appears to be of marginal quality, DirectAMS will contact the Submitter before proceeding to analysis for approval to pursue the radiocarbon date.  If approved, the full cost of analysis will be assessed even if the sample fails to produce data.

Macrobotanical Identification

Samples submitted for Macrobotanical Identification are sent to Paleoscapes Archaeobotanical Research Team ( for analysis. Shipping and handling charges are estimated and added to the quoted cost. Samples submitted for identification are eligible for Standard Service only. Identification analysis is included with radiocarbon dating data on the sample report.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices are issued following results delivery, unless otherwise requested. Invoices are sent via email from our parent company, Accium BioSciences.  For questions concerning invoicing and payment, please contact Jacob Laugeson at or 425-481-8122. 

DirectAMS extends net-30 terms, from the date of invoice receipt, to all affiliate customers.  We accept checks, direct deposit, wire transfer, or credit card.  For payments by credit card, a PayPal link specific to the Invoice will be sent to the email contact provided. Submitters not representing a business or institution are asked to pay at the time of submission.