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Sample Submission Step-by-Step

Sample Submission Step-by-Step

  • Understand the vendor approval obligations of your institution and receive approval, purchase order or qualification documents, if necessary.

  • Follow the sample selection recommendations for each material type(s), such as charcoal or shell.

  • Download or print the DirectAMS Sample Submission Form.

  • Fill out a Submission Form as completely as possible:

    • Contextual information requested as part of the Sample List on page 2 is vital to applying the most appropriate chemical pretreatment for suspected contaminants.

    • If you are submitting pretreated material, please provide a summary of the pretreatment protocol.

  • Notify us in advance if you are submitting more than 30 samples; you are welcome to provide the digital version of your completed Submission Form or a spreadsheet version of the submission list. 

  • Package most sample types directly in aluminum foil. This will minimize carbon contamination, cushion against sharp edges, and reduce static. Please see specific instructions for CO2graphite, and sediment.

  • Place foil package in a flexible secondary container, such as a plastic bag (e.g., Ziploc or Whirl-Pak). 

  • Label each bag individually with your sample ID.

  • Cushion containers for shipment in packaging material, such as additional plastic bags, bubble wrap, brown paper, or packing peanuts.

  • Package submissions in a rigid shipping container, such as a box or an envelope with additional padding.

  • Include a completed hard copy of the DirectAMS Submission Form with the shipment.

  • We recommend using a courier that provides tracking services, such as USPSFedEx, UPS, or DHL.

  • If a customs declaration is required, use the following statement to avoid an unnecessary hold:
    "Geological samples provided for scientific study. No commercial value. Samples will be destroyed upon analysis.

  • Address shipment to:
    Zach Phelps
    11822 North Creek Parkway North
    Suite 107
    Bothell, WA 98011
    Tel: +1.425.481.8122
    • Be sure to write the complete street name, including both instances of "North," and include the suite number. Failing to do so could result in a lost or misdelivered package.

    • Providing a contact name is not required, but assists in lost or misdelivered package retrieval.