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Price List

Price list

Standard Service turnaround time for results delivery is 4 to 6 weeks.

Express Service turnaround time for results delivery is 15-business-days guaranteed (Bone only) & 10-business-days guaranteed (all other radiocarbon dating services). If the Express Service delivery date is not met, the submission will maintain processing priority but revert to the corresponding Standard Service rate. 

Type Standard Rate Express Rate
Graphite (pressed) $99 $124
Graphite (loose) $109 $136
CO2 $164 $205
Pretreated Shells (Carbonates) $214 $268
Pretreated Charcoal, Plant (Organics) $214 $268
Shells (Carbonates) $239 $299
Charcoal, Plant (Organics) $299 $374
Cellulose Extraction $349 $436
Bone Fraction & Animal Protein
Bone – Charred $349 $436
Bone – Calcined $349 $436
Bone – Collagen Extraction $349 $436
Tooth – Collagen Extraction $349 $436
Tooth – Enamel $349 $436
Keratin Materials $349 $436
Parchment $349 $436
Bone – Amino Acid Extraction $499 N/A
Sediment – Bulk Carbon $279 $349
Sediment – Humin fraction $349 $436
Sediment – Humate fraction $349 $436
Additional Services
Macrobotanical Identification $35 N/A
Supplemental Pretreatment $30 N/A

Note: All prices in US Dollars. No additional taxes.

DirectAMS processes sample material according to standard operating procedures shown through internal testing and/or published reports to yield reliable data for a given sample type. Upon assessment of the sample material, DirectAMS scientists may reassign a sample to a different type that more closely matches the characteristics of the sample. This may result in higher or lower processing fees. DirectAMS will immediately notify the Submitter for approval to amend the requested service.

No Date, No Charge  

If data cannot be provided, no charge will be assessed.

No Date, No Charge does NOT apply to:

  • Graphite
  • CO2
  • Bone and Animal-based materials
    • Collagen, Keratin, Teeth
  • Samples weighing less than the minimum size requirement (see Sample Mass Guidelines table below).

Note: Bone, Animal-based materials, and underweight samples that fail in pretreatment are assessed a partial fee for labor and consumables. Full service fees are assessed for these materials that fail analysis.

Sample Mass Guidelines

Type Minimum Mass (dry) Preferred Mass (dry)
Graphite 0.2 mg >1.5 mg
Pretreated Charcoal 5 mg >15 mg
Charcoal 10 mg >20 mg
PT Organics 10 mg >20 mg
PT Carbonates 12 mg >20 mg
Organics 20 mg >40 mg
Carbonates 20 mg >40 mg
Cellulose Extraction 40 mg >80 mg
Sediment 2 g 20-50 g
Bone (Calcined, Charred) 1 g 5-10 g
Bone (Collagen, Amino Acid) 2 g 5-10 g

Contracts and Discounts

DirectAMS is committed to the value of research and the scientific conversation. Our affordable prices are designed to allow all of our clients to measure more. DirectAMS does not offer further special or discounted pricing. Contract terms may be negotiated for customers submitting >200 samples annually, please contact us for more information.