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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your affiliation with Accium BioSciences?

DirectAMS is an independently-operated business unit of Accium BioSciences. Accium BioSciences and DirectAMS share some personnel, but do not occupy the same space. The DirectAMS laboratory is located in Bothell, WA, 30 kilometers north of the Accium facilities that house the NEC Pelltron AMS. Samples are received, pretreated, combusted to CO2, reduced to graphite, and loaded into AMS targets at the Bothell laboratory. Targets arrive at the AMS lab in Seattle in individual, sealed containers, and are placed into an AMS measurement wheel just prior measurement.

What is your turnaround time?

Standard Service turnaround time is 4-6 weeks from the date of sample receipt. We also offer a guaranteed Express service turnaround of 15 business days for bone and 10 business days for all other sample types.

Where should I send my samples?

Address sample submissions to:

11822 North Creek Parkway North
Suite 107

Bothell, WA 98011, USA
Tel: +1.425.481.8122

Include a completed Submission Form with the shipment. More packaging and shipping information is available on our Sample Submission Step-by-Step.

Do I have enough material for a radiocarbon date?

Minimum sample requirements can be found on our Submission Form, and on each Sample Type page.

DirectAMS is committed to providing all of our customers with reliable data. Samples that fall below the recommended mass cannot be guaranteed to produce reliable data, even if measurement is successful. Our goal is to obtain at least 1 mg of carbon to submit for AMS analysis. Submitting at least the minimum recommended mass of each sample type allows for appropriate pretreatment and reduction of an appropriate quantity of carbon.

Do you process pollen?

Pre-extracted pollen can be submitted for the Pretreated Organics service. At this time we do not perform pollen extractions. Contact us to briefly describe your samples and their context. We can refer you to one of our partner laboratories that specialize in pollen extraction and identification.

Do you process water?

At this time we do not provide services to date water. Contact us to briefly describe your samples and their context. We can refer you to one of our partner laboratories that specialize in water processing.

When can I expect my invoice?

Invoices are issued via email after all submission data have been reported. Invoicing originates through Accium BioSciences; please check for misdirected email. Contact us if you have not received an invoice within 30 days. 

How can I pay for my samples?

We accept checks, wires, direct deposit, and credit cards through PayPal.

Do your prices include tax?

Our prices are all inclusive and additional tax/VAT charges will not be assessed.

Do you offer discounts?

DirectAMS is committed to the value of research and the scientific conversation. Our affordable prices are designed to allow all of our clients to measure more. DirectAMS does not offer further special or discounted pricing

Can you provide a Master Subcontract Agreement with my company?

Yes. Please email us directly to inquire further and establish our relationship.

Do you process 14C-enriched material?

No. DirectAMS does not and will not process material with 14C levels higher than the contemporary background.

I still have a question.

Please contact us for further assistance.